Jan 31, 2011

Hanging out in the Keys

Yes, we are just hanging out in the keys.  Sometimes we go to places to do things.  But in my opinion you go to the keys just to be....  Sure, we've gone to Key West, and Judy even got me to go on a four mile walk on a section of the old historic seven mile bridge the other day.

But mostly we just hang out.  We are staying in a beautiful private spot 14 miles from Key West.  We even have our own dock and cabana, so we are enjoying just being here.  We've even been out to eat a couple of times. For example the other day we went to Porky's in Marathon.  I'll show you a few pictures just so you don't think we always eat in fancy french restaurants. We discovered Porky's over twenty years ago when we kept our boat in Marathon.

Speaking about boats.  In our previous lives, we sold our home and took off with our four kids in a forty foot sailboat and headed south on the river system to Florida.  In boating you refer to such people as "live-aboards" not "full-timers".  You can add this label to full-timers, used-to-be's, and the newest one we have been reading about... any-timers.  I still think of myself as a live-aboard, just on land.  I guess it doesn't much matter what you call yourself as long as you are happy, doing what you want.

Enough editorial comments.  Since it seems most RV bloggers like to talk about what they eat, I'll finish by telling you that our best meals in the keys are the one's we fix on the grill.  If you have ever had fresh grouper or bacon wrapped pink shrimp grilled, you know what I'm talking about.

One final note.  With all this talk about food, you might be wondering about the diet.  I am happy to report that I have lost 8 pounds since the first of the year.  This means I am now down fifty pounds since starting my diet.  I missed my goal of fifty by a month, but it's not time to worry about that.  It's time to focus on the next fifty.

Until later.


Gail Houle said...

Congrats on the 50!
I find your time as "live-aboards" fascinating and would love to hear more about that. What an education for the kids!

Gail Houle said...

Loved your pics on the Keys too. That's on our bucket list for another day :)

Carol K said...

I don't know if I will ever get to see the Florida Keys, so I enjoy reading your comments and seeing your pictures. I would like to walk on that bridge! I, also, would like to hear more about your live-aboard adventures, especially with children along. Congratulations on losing 50 pounds!

Linda said...

So nice to hear about your stay on the keys and your visit to Porkys, changed much in 20 years? Congrats on your 1st 50, weigh to go!!

Melissa said...

Since we are expecting to get hit with a blizzard in the next 48 hrs, I will live vicariously through your photos. It's gorgeous down there! Please order some of that weather for our trip down there next week. :) Great job on the lbs lost too, Dad. See you both soon.

ps...Emma liked the picks of Porky's. I think her mouth started watering a bit. She was hoping for more pics of Mollie though.

Wanderin' said...

I just think it's wrong (wrong, wrong) to write about spending the winter in a better place than we are. Love the Keys ... maybe another year.

We met a couple who lived on their boat just like some folks live in their RV. We met them in Grenada. That's where they wintered. When spring rolled around they started heading north. Sound familiar?

michelle said...

Your photos are blissful...so glad you're just "being" in the Keys, maybe that's the entire purpose of places such as this...also, strong work on that 50, looks like your partner is keeping you motivated, too!

heyduke50 said...

life is tough when are stuck in the keys :)

Wayne and Maureen said...

Good job on losing 50...I have lost 14 doing the no carb and would lose more if I was as active as you. Keep up the good work!

squawmama said...

Thanks for coming by to visit my blog... I am adding you to my blog roll. We are up in west central Florida where we come from. Glad your having fun in the keys!
Have fun & travel safe