Jan 30, 2013

Bad Bob, Mexican Train, and the Tifffin Flu

This is a strange story, full of twists and turns, so pay close attention.

Our time at Retama was coming to an end. We had a reservation in Rockport and someone else was moving into our spot at Retama. But let me back up to Monday.

Monday afternoon Bob and Linda treated us to a wonderful lunch at Riverside club on the banks of the Rio Grande. We were literally 50 yards from Mexico. Safe and secure with Boder Patrol both above us, and on the river, we enjoyed a couple of pitchers of margaritas and a big plate of Nachos.

Monday evening was to be our last meal together and since we had yet to play Mexican train, we invited Bob and LInda over. Judy fixed Salmon and Lobster pinwheels with a nice salad, sweet potatoe fries, and of course a nice white wine from Northern Michigan. After desert, the game began. What I didn't realize is that Bob would soon turn into Bad Bob. You can find his version of the evening on their blog, but the fact is I whipped him bad. He even tried to get us drunk with some wonderful Creme de Tequila. I of course let him win a few rounds, since they have been such great hosts, but all in all it wasn't pretty for Bad Bob...

A few hours after he had conceded defeat and slunk off to lick his wounds we got ready for bed. During the night I thought I heard some noise under the coach, but with all the talk of feral cats around Retama I just figured someone had forgot to feed them.

The next morning we prepared to leave. You know the routine, put away the grill and chairs, unhook the hoses, pull in the slide, all the usual stuff. We started the engine, I hit the button to retract the jacks and that's when it became apparent that we had been hit with the Tiffin flu. We have 3 leveling jacks on our coach, one in the front and 2 in the back. It was apparent that the driver's side rear jack would not come up.

If you are a serious rv'r you no doubt have heard of this. I recently read of an outbreak in Quartzsite which stranded several Tiffin coaches when their leveling jacks would not retract. So here's what I think happened. There are more Tiffin coaches at Retama than any other brand.
Bad Bob the sore looser snuck over during the night with some of the Tiffin virus and some how infected our coach. We have never had a problem before, but being that she is going on 15 years old (50 years in RV years) and she has not had her flu shot, I think she is vulnerable. In spite of giving her fluids, and letting her rest she still couldn't retract the jack.

Fortunately Bad Bod's wonderful wife Linda stepped up and found a Doc who still makes house calls. After a thorough examination and a few adjustments she finally responded. However she is not to use her jacks until we see our Primary Care Giver. Until then we have to park on level spots so she can rest up. After paying the Doc we hooked up and were on our way.

At least that's my story.

Until Later