Oct 21, 2009

467 miles closer to the Big Trip

This morning I got up and hit the road at 6am. Judy had a doctor's appointment today so I drove to Celina, Ohio by myself to pick up the motor home.

This has been a lesson in patience. Work that should have taken 2 weeks stretched into 5+ weeks. We are now the proud owners of a new hd sat system, ota antenna, home theater system, and pantry pull out drawers, among a few other things. Oh, and I forgot to mention the 2 new baggage doors. No we didn't need them, at least not until they were damaged by one of the installation companies. Of course you don't just go online and order new baggage doors for a 11 year old coach. Now you know why the work on the motor home took 5 weeks. By the way, the new baggage doors come unpainted. So.... when we go to get our (hopefully correct size this time) couch installed, and other little details finished up at Precision Painting, they are also going to paint the baggage doors and send the bill to the lucky company who did the damage.

The 467 mile round trip went well and I was back by 5 o'clock this evening. The motor home is now back into it's storage garage and we can now start cleaning and loading it with our stuff. We already have some stuff staged at the storage unit. If everything goes well we will move into the coach on Thursday the 29th. We need to be at Precision Painting by Sunday evening, so they can start bright and early Monday morning, Nov. 2nd. They have also arranged to have a service rep there from Flexsteel to take care of a couple of things on the new chairs, and the new couch if needed.

We have tentative plans for later in November, but we are not making any definite plans until we leave Precision Painting. More posts and pics to come when we get going.