Jan 27, 2011

A little Celebration

While staying in Moore Haven, we decided it was time for a little culture.  We had a birthday to celebrate, and wanted something a little more upscale than the local buffet.  So we made the drive to the Naples.  Yes I know we are in a recession and period of high unemployment, but you wouldn't know it if you were in Naples.  Lot's of traffic and crowded stores.

Judy is a fan of all things french so I  found a nice little french restaurant in the old town part of Naples.   La Lafeyette was my choice and we were not disappointed.  We sat outside on the porch, a bit cool but nice.   

We both ordered off their tasting menu which was three courses for 22.00.  

The service  and food were excellent and it was fun to enjoy a little taste of french culture.  

Until later.