Apr 19, 2009

Boat, Rain, Wet Clothes, and a Big Ham

Just a few more pics from early last week on the canal.

10 Days on the river

We are currently in Toulouse, where we will spend a couple of days before heading home on Tuesday. We had a great time on the Canal du Midi. Yes we had rain for a couple of days. Yes certain things on the boat didn't work correctly, but.... we had a great time. Most evenings we simply tied up along shore. No fancy marinas. We generally ate out only once a day. Breakfast was usually fresh croissants from the village boulangerie, coffee, and fruit. Lunch was usually on the boat while waiting for a lock to open. Local cheese, local meat and local wine, and of course bread from the morning boulangerie. We would usually go out for dinner at the local tavern, pub or whatever. The only rule was no white table cloths. The only disappointments were with the fancier places. When we stayed local and simple it was all good. I'll write more when we get back but just wanted to post a few pictures to keep everyone up to date.