Apr 8, 2010


Today was a travel day.  It started out rather ominous but ended well.  First the satellite dish would not retract.  We had this happen once before and had to reinitialize everything.  This time however a power down, power up did the trick and the dish stowed to it's travel position.

Then while putting things away, I noticed someone looking curiously at our Explorer.  I went out to see what was so interesting, and they showed me a nail in the right front tire.  So a quick check on the internet located a tire shop in Paso Robles, and off I went.  Frankly, I expected that we would miss our checkout time.  Once again small town service wins.  I was back at the coach in 30 minutes and we were on the road before 11:00.

We headed east to Bakersfield, up over the mountains at Tehachapi, and across the desert, past Edwards Air Force base and the small town of Boron and on to Barstow.

We ended the day at a little RV Park called Shady Lane R.V. Camp .  Not a fancy park by any means but before we could even get out of the coach to check in, a guy drove up in a golf cart and said "follow me". 

He got us parked, showed us how to hook up, and said when we could come into the office  and check in when we were ready.

Helpful people, a nice drive, no LA traffic and grilled swordfish, salad and a baked potato for supper.  What more could you ask for?

Until later

P.S.  In the picture of the RV you can see Judy's new potted basil plant, and John's dirty bug smeared windshield