Jul 26, 2010


We are currently in Missoula Montana.  We are in a very nice campground.  One of the reasons we are here is a stupid boo-boo on my part.  When we left Medora we went through our normal hookups between the RV and Explorer including tow bar, brake light connections and the brake air line. Twenty miles down the road when we stopped for fuel Judy discovered the air line had come loose and we had been dragging it.   

 IMG_0223-1-1 As you can tell brass doesn’t hold up too well.  After checking numerous supply houses it became apparent that this was not just any normal fitting.  So Friday morning I called SMI to order a new one.  Of course it cost more for the shipping than the part.  To be continued....

We arrived in Missoula Sunday afternoon.  It’s a great place to stock up and also to play tourist a bit.  We are staying at Jim and Mary’s RV Park. 

 IMG_2304-12IMG_2309-14 Nice place, wide spots.  This is where I had the package sent from SMI.  Well the package didn’t show up today.  I placed a frustrated call to SMI only to find out that they hadn’t shipped it.  No reason, just a mess up.  But they recovered well and shipped the part out overnight with free shipping.  So now it’s in the hands of UPS not to mess up. 

This afternoon we visited a little museum at the local airport. It was called the museum of mountain flying.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but it was fun to be able to climb in and around these old planes. 

IMG_0229-3-2 IMG_0230-3-3 IMG_0236-3-5

And how many of you remember Sky King and Penny.  Do you remember who sponsored their TV show in the late 50’s and early 60’s?



Tonight it was fresh veggies and ham steak on the grill.  Good eats!! Even Mollie thought so.

 IMG_2302-11 IMG_2301-10

Until later.