Jan 31, 2007

Parade of the RV's

The site where our rv is parked is right in front of the entrance/exit road at Morro Dunes RV park and as you might guess, there is an almost constant parade of rv's and trailers coming and going throughout the day. Not that I'm complaining much since we have an awesome view of the ocean and the 'rock' , but it is much different from our larger, quiet site in Q.
The park isn't quite as full as it was over the weekend and from where our rv is parked we can now look over the fence and see the ocean waves coming on shore. The last couple of days have been partly cloudy with temps in the 50's. And not a flake of snow in the air!!
John is enjoying the workshop he's attending this week in nearby Los Osos about 7 miles south of here. There are 11 people in the class coming all the way from Pennsylvania on the East coast to Hawaii on the West coast. This morning the group went out on location to do some photography but since this is mostly a photoshop type of workshop , they spent Monday and Tuesday in the classroom. In fact, he came back last night with some very impressive looking prints that he had been working on.
Since I have a lot of time to myself during the day I've kept busy working on my knitting, beading, reading, cooking, basically doing whatever I want!! Yesterday I finished my first bracelet ,which I am proudly wearing, and made some progress on another one. It's a lot of fun and but am I ever thankful for beading needles with large eye holes!

Jan 29, 2007

January 28- Sunday
Just a brief explanation is in order regarding the picture in our last post. This gentleman, a bona fide free spirit who usually wears nothing but a thong, runs a used book store in Quartzsite. The day we visited his store, the temperature outside was only in the 50's which is why he had put a sweatshirt on. Needless to say , his lack of attire was a bit distracting!We will spare you a view from the front!!
We arrived in Morro Bay, CA last Friday afternoon after a drive up Highway 101 from Ventura.
Morro Dunes Rv park is only a few yards from the Pacific Ocean with 576 ft Morro rock looming in from of us. It is the last in a chain of long-extinct volcanoes known as “The Morros” ...totally awesome!
Today we woke to another beautiful sunny day. Our plan for the day was to drive up the coast about 15 miles to Cambria and then drive over to Paso Robles and check out the area and a few wineries.
But I don't start my day without coffee so I got the coffee brewing and John started fixing breakfast while I took a quick shower. After sitting down to a great breakfast of eggs, canadian bacon, and a whole wheat dried cherry scone (south beach friendly of course...thank you Linda) we headed out for the day.
The drive up Highway 1 to Cambria is breathtaking with the ocean on the left and the rolling hills on the right. Cambria is a cute coastal town with some interesting shops but this being Sunday morning and only 10am there wasn't much happening yet.
One of my goals during our time on the road is to visit shops/restaurants/bakeries/etc. that I have read about or heard about on tv . One place I wanted to check out was Linn's of Cambria. This family run business started out in 1977 as a farm stand about 5 miles from town and became well known for their Olallieberry pies ( pronounced lolly- berry). The Olallieberry looks like a blackberry but is genetically about 2/3 blackberry and 1/3 red raspberry.
I had seen their business featured on the Food Network show “Food Finds”. Well it turns out that the Main Street location had a major fire this past summer and they are in the process of rebuilding. Their restaurant on Bridge St. is only open for lunch and dinner. So, we decided to go out to their original location on Santa Rosa Creek Rd. This is a winding 2 lane road with awesome views. The shop was open and after looking around, buying some Olallieberry jam, and admiring the noisy peacock we continued on working our way up to Paso Robles. The pictures don't do this area justice...the views are breathtaking!!
Paso Robles is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco and about 25 miles from where we are here in Morro Bay. We visited a couple wineries and then had lunch at the Odyssey Cafe in the downtown district. Very nice, casual and the food was very good.
And just so you don't think we only do wine tastings, we stopped at Pasolivo Olive Oil Co. and had our first ever olive oil tasting! And as an added bonus got to play with the resident golden retriever. They have nuevo(new) oils as well as citrus flavored oils...quite good. We joined their olive oil club so we'll be getting quarterly shipments throughout the year.
We were both impressed with this area and we hope to go back over there this next weekend.
By the time we got back to the rv it was peanut time. Roasted unsalted peanuts in the shell. Bob and Linda of http://www.because-we-can.net/ introduced us to this wonderful afternoon at 4pm ritual and we've adopted it in our daily lives as well. Dinner was just a snack meal of hummus, guacamole, salsa and bean chips with fresh carrots on the side. John worked a bit on the blog, I did some knitting, and then it was time for bed.
Another wonderful day of RV living.

Jan 24, 2007

Thursday January 24th
Our stay in Quartzite has come to an end. If everything goes well we will be in Ventura Ca. tonight.

Jan 17, 2007

Wednesday January 17th.
Today we walked up to Tysons. This is a giant flea market. One of 5 or 6 in the area. We were invited last night to go with Bob and Linda to a Escapees B.O.F.
Ok I'll explain. Escapees is an organization of primarily full timers. We are members. Escapees has many B.O.F.s This stands for Birds of a Feather, another name for a group within Escapees sharing a common interest. There are many you can join. This BOF is a Christian Fellowship group. They were having a family bluegrass gospel group performing, followed by a Potluck meal. Did you ever know a group of Christians getting together without food? All of us brought our own chairs and sat out in the desert listening to this family perform. Afterwards they brought out the food, Judy brought her broccoli salad, and everyone lined up and dug in. The food was actually pretty good. Then we pulled our chairs around a big campfire and just talked for a while. It gets dark early here and the stars are so beautiful. I even learned about Orion. Kind of reminds me of being on the boat in the middle of lake Michigan. We were back home by 8:30. Another good day in the desert. I am not going to write much more about Quartzite. Frankly if you go to the website http://www.because-we-can.net/ and check out the archieved blogs you will learn all you need to know and if you check between the 14th and the 24th you might just find a few pictures of us. So why the picture of the guy on his Amigo? Sometimes the traffic moves slow in Q, so slow that this guy passed me, No kidding!!!

Jan 14, 2007

Sunday January 14th
Just another beautiful day. Cold but very pretty. Just relaxed, read, went for a walk. Boy this sure is hard work. We got out the old boat binoculars and have enjoyed watching the coming and going of people.
We were invited to Bob and Linda's for Peanut hour and dinner. Bob and Linda have been full timers for a year. They started a tradition on sitting outside at 4:00 and shelling a few peanuts and just enjoying the afternoon.
Dinner followed and we didn't end up leaving until 9:00. We are parked about a half mile from them. The walk back in the dark was both beautiful because of the stars and spooky because it was so dark. No street lights in the desert, what were they thinking??
Our little flashlight helped us find our way home. Note, next time leave a light on.

Jan 11, 2007


Thurday, January 11th
Getting ready to go spend a couple of weeks dry camping in the desert. Should head out on Friday.
Here's what we did today.
Camping World
Photo art gallery
Biosphere 2
Great Mex lunch
Used bookstore
Worked on blog
Filled water tank
updated blog


Tuesday, january 9th
Van Horn Texas to Tucson Arizona. Passed a guy driving a school bus pulling a car. He looked to have his life's work on board. Shortly after passing him I commented to Judy that his electrical system must not be working as his headlights kept flashing on and off. Silly me, he was trying to signal me. Turns out one of our baggage doors had come open. Fortunately nothing fell out and we were able to get stopped and relatch the door. About an hour later we caught up with him and waved to show our gratitude. Lots of RV's on the road. Spending a few days in Tucson at the South Forty RV ranch. We may be the youngest people in here.


Monday, January 8th
Road day. I-10 to Van Horn Texas, about 130 miles from El Paso. Staying at a KOA, suppose to have wi-fi, but can't make it work.


Sunday, January 7th
Today was an interesting mix. The warden decided we could eat out. But before that we went to the herb farm. Judy has been here twice before. I'm not sure this time lived up to her expectations. The Texas winter has done it's work on the gardens. Need to see this in the spring. Then it was off to Cranky Franks bbq. Finally brisket the way it should be. Last but not least we visited a winery in the hill country. Not bad but not 5 star. I don't think Cal has anything to worry about. Tomorrow it's back on the road.


Yesterday we drove back roads through Arkansas. Other than rice fields, cotton fields and people living in poverty, not much notable, spent the night in another flying J. Today we drove to Fredricksburg Texas. Again not much to talk about. Driving through Austin is difficult, glad to be out of that mess and into the hill country. We are spending 2 nights here in Fredricksburg.


Friday, January 5th
We drove for 8 hours yesterday,most of it raining. We spent the night in a flying J truck stop south of Sikeston MO.


Thursday, January 4th.
Wow, we spent last night only 75 miles from home. We stay in nothing but the finest spots. Actually we spent last night in the parking lot of Meijer in Benton Harbor. Coffee this morning and on the road. Judy has some great idea to stay off the interstate as much as possible, we'll see.


Wed, January 3rd..
Well we are officially on the road. Of course it is 4:00 p.m. I have a feeling we will not be going very far but it feels good to be underway. We are having problems with our towbar so will have that looked at when we get to Portland.