Mar 10, 2007

George, we're really sorry!!!

Friday Mar 9
It was 10:30am and already warm outside when we pulled out of our campsite at Picacho Peak State Park. After only a short drive of 90 miles we arrived in Benson, Arizona. Having noticed ,earlier in our trip, a billboard advertising a rv/truck wash at the Benson exit, we decided it was time to wash the road grime off the rv. This turned out to be a very nice, reasonably priced, self serve wash. If only we had this type of facility back in the Midwest. Washing the rv is a dirty, messy job but needs to be done every once in a while. With the rv clean and shiny once again, we made the short trip down the road to the Cochise Terrace RV Park, which was to be our home base for the next couple of days.

Saturday morning we were off to Tombstone. The town of Tombstone is about 35 miles from Benson and visiting this town was one of the reasons for stopping here. We had been warned that Tombstone is very touristy and as we were to find out that is very much a true statement. It seems very one dimensional and seems to be trying way too hard ...... If you are expecting to see a slice of the old west this isn't it.

We lost interest very quickly and after about an hour decided we'd had enough. The Boothill Cemetery just outside of town was the most interesting. ........ Reading the markers makes you realize how swift justice could be. Although I'm sure George wishes it were a little less swift and a little more accurate.

One of the highlights of the day was exploring the back roads out in the desert after we left Tombstone. We headed west out of town by way of a dirt road through the town of Gleeson, then headed north on Ghost town Trail Rd. up to the little town of Pierce where we stopped at a small pottery shop. We bought a little milk pitcher which was nice, but mostly because we felt sorry for the shop owner. As this desert town is out in the middle of nowhere, ours may have been her only sale of the day. Back through Benson, a quick stop at the Safeway and our day was complete.