Jan 24, 2010


This afternoon we took Mollie for a walk on the beach.  It was cool but sunny. There were a few local families out and a few local vendors peddling flowers, pottery and jewelry, but for the most part it was very quiet.   You can see the amount of beach we have at low tide.

Mollie seem to really enjoy running on the sand.

She even managed to find something to roll in.  I think it is much easier on her feet than the desert rocks and gravel we have been in for the last month.

She also enjoyed chasing the gulls.

All in all a great walk for all of us. As I write this, Mollie is already curled up in a chair fast asleep.   Tonight it's shrimp on the Barby.  You know those shrimp I bought outside our door this morning.

Until later

P.S.  Mollie decided this evening that she wasn't done running and playing and slipped out the door to go visit a few neighbors.  Thanks to Bob she was returned safe and sound, was sent to her room, and we did enjoy those shrimp.


Did you have fresh seafood delivered to your home this morning. We did.  One pound of jumbo shrimp for six dollars fresh at our door.   A nice way to start the day.  I hear they are really good with eggs!!