Mar 8, 2011

Senior Moments

OK, I know I'm getting older, but hey I'm still 56 and not an AARP member. This morning I had a appointment to get the oil changed on our toad, the Explorer at the local Ford dealer.  I really hate doing it while we are traveling because I don't trust most of the quick change places and it's not always convenient to find a dealer.  On Saturday I even broke down and tried to go to a Walmart oil change.  Boy was that a mistake.  I won't go into the details but let's just say I was not successful and  it took an extended happy hour to erase that unpleasant memory.

So yesterday I called the local Ford dealer and made an appointment for first thing this morning.  Judy had a package for me to mail, so I grabbed the box, my cell phone and headed out the door.  I drove 15 miles to the dealer, and as they are writing up the service order I realize.... yes, I walked out without my wallet.  So I had to reschedule for tomorrow morning, drove back to the coach to get my wallet, then back to the post office since the package had to get in the mail today in order to be in Portland, Oregon in time for granddaughter Mia's 5th birthday on Friday.

Okay, now that I have that little story out of the way. Which, by the way, I tell only to make a good friend of ours who just went grocery shopping without her wallet feel better. At least my wife didn't write about my misadventure like her hubby did!!

Now on to the good stuff.  I need to back up almost a week.  Last Wednesday we were still at Hillsborough River State Park.  We needed to pick up our mail in Zephyrhills, make a quick Walmart stop and finish up some food research at Parkesdale farm market.

So we drove almost 8 miles to Zephyrhills, and guess what?  I had forgotten my wallet.  Since the mail was sent in my name, and I knew the Post Office wouldn't cut me any slack, we had to retrace our path and pick up the wallet.  So I have now messed up twice in a week.  At this rate Judy will start treating me like my Mom did, pinning the milk money to my shirt before heading off to school.  Anyway, the mail was at the Post Office, Judy made her return at Walmart and we went to Parkesdale for lunch.  Strawberry shortcake for me, a bowl of strawberries with whipped topping for Judy and we shared a milk shake in honor of brother-in-law Bud.

Thursday morning we headed to the Ocala Sun RV Resort.  We had 3 days to kill before our next State Park reservation.  I'm still trying to figure out why some places call themselves a resort.  When you park on the grass, with neighbors 5 feet on either side, it doesn't seem very resort like to me but at least they had Passport America rates.  I hope I don't offend anyone but I don't understand how people can stand being in this kind of RV park all winter.  It would drive me crazy.

Sunday morning we headed 60 miles north to O'Leno State Park.  But first we needed to stop and add some diesel to the tank.  I prepared myself for the difficult task of putting four dollar a gallon fuel in our home, and go in to prepay three hundred dollars worth.  To rub salt in the wound, my credit card was denied.  This happened to us on our way into Florida back in January, when we needed to buy fuel, and now again.  A quick phone call straightened things out and we were soon on our way.  We settled into our site and are enjoying our stay here, although Mollie is a little stressed from all the squirrels.

After my mess up this morning, Judy decided that I needed a good hike to get me back on track.  So the three of us headed off for a couple of miles.  We did the river loop around a section of the Santa Fe River.

It's interesting because the river disappears underground for almost 3 miles.  The dogwoods are in bloom and the temps were in the mid 70's.

Even Mollie enjoyed our walk although Judy had to carry her the last one hundred yards.  When she's had enough she simply sits down and refuses to move.

Happy hour, a camp fire and a some chicken on the grill were the perfect ending to our day.  Mollie is resting on the couch, dreaming of squirrels, and I already have my wallet in my pocket for my appointment in the morning.

All's well that ends well.  I think that's how the saying goes.  But I really can't remember.

Until later.