Nov 9, 2009


It was about 4pm Sunday when we pulled into Camp MCD in McKinney, Texas. All the full hookup spots were taken but they found an area for us to park and plug into electric. We will probably have full hookups tomorrow. This place is busy!

This morning we checked in with the office but they told us there was a good chance they might not start on our RV today. They have a lot of employees out sick and they are very backed up. We understand. We're glad to be here and are getting settled in and starting to finally slow down.

We had a lot of dirty laundry piling up so this morning we drove over to a local laundromat and managed to fill up 4 washers. Judy knew that if we tried to wash all of our dirty clothes using our little Splendide machine that we have in the RV it might take us days before we were finished.

After the laundry was done, we drove over to the Market Street Grocery to buy a few needed supplies. This store has a wonderful deli, cheese, wine and produce area that should satisfy any foodie out there.

We decided to go out for dinner tonight. We had a place picked out and entered into the gps. As we headed out the door we checked email on the blackberry. We had a email from new email friends Mike and Geri. They had been to MCD a few weeks ago and went to a Mexican restaurant named Cristina's. Change in plans, we decided to try Cristina's. Great recommendation Mike and Geri!!!! The meal and the margarita's were wonderful and it was some of the best Mexican food we have had.

We're looking forward to spending a few days here in this area, seeing some of the sights, and just relaxing.