Oct 29, 2010


Our stay in the Pacific NW is winding down. We are moving down to the Seattle area tomorrow and then heading towards Arizona on Sunday. We have enjoyed our stay in Anacortes visiting several local shops,  galleries and a return to Adrift, our favorite local restaurant.

Judy has even mastered the art of knitting socks during our stay here.  There is a wonderful knitting and cross-stitch store here in Anacortes and she has taken advantage of their generous help.  This is how a local business can beat out any online store.  By providing exceptional hands on support, they won a loyal customer and we helped the local economy.  We also discovered a local store that smokes salmon.  They also sell online, but I doubt I would have ordered from them without first being able to taste their product.

We also enjoy staying connected on the Internet.  Whether it's keeping family and friends informed, or making new friends with common interests.  We enjoy keeping up with fellow RVers through their blogs.  Occasionally we even get to meet in person.  Last summer we got to spend a day with  Randy and Pam and showed them around our hometown of Grand Rapids.  Next month we are looking forward to seeing our friends Bob and Linda somewhere in Texas.

Today we had lunch with Ron and Alice.  Alice commented on our blog a month ago that they were from the NW and had just been to Port Townsend.  One email led to another and it worked out to meet today for lunch in Bellingham.

 Ron and Alice had a scare this week when the engine in their RV caught fire. Thankfully they are okay and it looks like the damage can be fixed without too much trouble.

We had a great time over our leisurely 2 hour lunch.  It was fun to hear about their workcamping experiences.  When work for Ron, a licensed plumber, dried up they knew they needed to find something else to do. So they spent the last several months working the carnival circuit.  They did everything from taking tickets, to helping setup and tear down, to running the rides.  It was hard work but they both seemed to enjoy it.  With carnival season over until spring their next project will find them selling Christmas Trees.

In this difficult economy it's always inspiring to see how fellow RVers are making ends meet. While some RVers seem to think the answer is to put a donation button on their blog, others like Ron and Alice aren't afraid of hard work.  Wow, what a concept.

Until later.