Nov 8, 2007

New York City and the Flip-Flop

Last week, with Mollie safely tucked into Camp Bow-Wow for a few days we took off on a quick road trip to visit Jonathan and Laura in New York City. We walked a lot and took the subway everywhere. I think we got more exercise in two days than we have had in months.
Laura had to teach school on Friday so Jonathan took us around the city and was an excellent tour guide. We went down to South Sea Seaport and walked around a bit there and saw the Brooklyn Bridge off in the distance.
Then we walked up to Lombardi's Pizzeria for lunch. Very good pizza. They claim to be the original pizzeria in this country.

We walked through a bit of Central Park and then took the subway uptown to watch the 5th grade girls soccer team that Laura coaches play their weekly soccer game. After the game we took the subway back down to lower Manhatten for dinner and the Broadway show 'Curtains' starring David Hyde Pierce from the tv show Frazier. It was very entertaining and we had a lot of fun. The next morning after brunch it was time to hit the road and head back to Michigan. It was a quick trip, and a lot of fun .We had a great time with Jon and Laura.Over the last few weeks, mollie has not only morphed from a black and tan puppy with floppy ears to a silver and tan puppy with ears that stuck straight up. But they matched. Well, about a month ago one of her ears flopped down.
Yes, she had one up and one down and this was most distressing to her mama! But all is well . When we picked her up from camp after returning from New York we discovered that her other ear had flopped.

Mama is very happy.