Jul 19, 2011

My Back to School Theme....What I did on my Summer Vacation

Do you remember one of the first papers you had to write when returning to school in the fall?  It usually was titled something like my Blog title today. I realize it's been several months since my last posting. So I guess it's time to catch up.

We arrived back in Michigan the end of April. We returned so that our friends Stan and Kathleen, who manage our business on a daily basis, could have a much deserved break. Going back to work was like jumping into the deep end of the pool and finding out the water was just above freezing. Even though Stan had prepared a manual for me it was still a big challenge to resume the day to day responsibilities. When you have become a professional wanderer it is a shock to return to the world of staffing, equipment, customer service and all the rest that goes along with running a small business today. Rather than bore you with what our business does, you can learn more if you wish by going to ProlabExpress and Corporate Color.

While I have been busy with work, Judy played nanny with our youngest grandson Harrison during the month of May. While I'm sure it was work, she sure did have a good time. He's a great little guy with a smile that could melt an iceberg. Judy was also able to spend a few days in St. Clair Shores visiting our daughter Melissa's family.

We've had several visits with both of our families including having our grand daughters Emma and Ella staying with us for a few days,  Judy even splurged and rented a golf cart to run the girls back and forth to the playground and pool.

In early July we were blessed with a visit from our friends Bob and Linda. They came bearing gifts and good cheer and we had a great time together. We were able to show them a few local sights including the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids.

Speaking of Grand Rapids. Our little hometown has been in the national news lately. Kind of bittersweet. First there is the famous LipDub, which you can view on YouTube. Then two weeks ago a man went on a rampage and killed 7 people and when surrounded by police turned the murder weapon on himself. Last but certainly not least, Betty Ford passed away and was laid to rest beside her husband at the Presidential museum. So our little Midwest town has been in the spotlight.

We are going to be wrapping up our tour of duty here in early August. We have an appointment at Spartan Chassis for a few repairs and then we are going to, as Michiganders say...."head up north". We are going to just take our time. We might make it as far as Copper Harbor but no firm plans yet. We will return to Grand Rapids for the month of October and then get back to the serious business of wandering out west.

Until later.