Jan 11, 2007


Thurday, January 11th
Getting ready to go spend a couple of weeks dry camping in the desert. Should head out on Friday.
Here's what we did today.
Camping World
Photo art gallery
Biosphere 2
Great Mex lunch
Used bookstore
Worked on blog
Filled water tank
updated blog


Tuesday, january 9th
Van Horn Texas to Tucson Arizona. Passed a guy driving a school bus pulling a car. He looked to have his life's work on board. Shortly after passing him I commented to Judy that his electrical system must not be working as his headlights kept flashing on and off. Silly me, he was trying to signal me. Turns out one of our baggage doors had come open. Fortunately nothing fell out and we were able to get stopped and relatch the door. About an hour later we caught up with him and waved to show our gratitude. Lots of RV's on the road. Spending a few days in Tucson at the South Forty RV ranch. We may be the youngest people in here.


Monday, January 8th
Road day. I-10 to Van Horn Texas, about 130 miles from El Paso. Staying at a KOA, suppose to have wi-fi, but can't make it work.


Sunday, January 7th
Today was an interesting mix. The warden decided we could eat out. But before that we went to the herb farm. Judy has been here twice before. I'm not sure this time lived up to her expectations. The Texas winter has done it's work on the gardens. Need to see this in the spring. Then it was off to Cranky Franks bbq. Finally brisket the way it should be. Last but not least we visited a winery in the hill country. Not bad but not 5 star. I don't think Cal has anything to worry about. Tomorrow it's back on the road.


Yesterday we drove back roads through Arkansas. Other than rice fields, cotton fields and people living in poverty, not much notable, spent the night in another flying J. Today we drove to Fredricksburg Texas. Again not much to talk about. Driving through Austin is difficult, glad to be out of that mess and into the hill country. We are spending 2 nights here in Fredricksburg.


Friday, January 5th
We drove for 8 hours yesterday,most of it raining. We spent the night in a flying J truck stop south of Sikeston MO.


Thursday, January 4th.
Wow, we spent last night only 75 miles from home. We stay in nothing but the finest spots. Actually we spent last night in the parking lot of Meijer in Benton Harbor. Coffee this morning and on the road. Judy has some great idea to stay off the interstate as much as possible, we'll see.


Wed, January 3rd..
Well we are officially on the road. Of course it is 4:00 p.m. I have a feeling we will not be going very far but it feels good to be underway. We are having problems with our towbar so will have that looked at when we get to Portland.