Mar 6, 2008

Snowy Santa Fe

The snow began falling around 7pm last night and this morning there was snow on the ground, and on the trees, and on the rv....a total of 6 inches! It was enough to cancel the Santa Fe schools for the day.

But by late morning the sun was shining and the snow was melting and most of it will likely be gone by tomorrow. One of the things we like about Santa Fe is the abundant sunshine. In fact, they average over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Just as most of the country, Santa Fe has had colder temps and more snow than usual this winter.

This week the overnight temps have been below freezing each night. Our winter coats have come out from storage (under the bed), and the bed now has the down blanket on top of the down comforter. Even Mollie wears her sweater day and night. We're trying to conserve our propane so we keep our thermostat set low and run our small space heater around the clock.

The rv park management has asked everyone here to disconnect their water hose after 7pm. This has been a bit of a hassle although we understand their concern. We don't want any problems either. This weekend the temps are supposed to be much warmer and near 60. That sounds very good!