Nov 16, 2010


Yesterday we drove from the middle of Missouri to northern Indiana. So far we have had stops in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, and now Indiana.   Last night we found a Passport America park in Remington, Indiana to spend the night in.  So today we have a relatively short three hour day.  After four days on the road we are both ready to stop for a while.  We have had good weather, relatively light traffic, and been blessed with safe travels.  There are some crazy drivers out there, and we sometimes feel it is a miracle when we arrive in one piece.  And maybe it is....

On the weight loss front.  Apparently I don't eat much when traveling.  This morning I was down 4.5 pounds.  That is a total of 7.5 since I started this last push.  That means I am half way to my goal of losing fifteen pounds by the year end.  This would bring me to a total of losing 50 pounds for the year.

Until later.