Jan 6, 2010

Desert Musings

I've been through the desert
on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert,
you can't remember your name
'cause there ain't no one
for to give you no pain.

La la... la lalala la lala la... la.. la.
la la... la lalala la lala la... la.. la.

Ah yes, memories of the first rock concert Judy and I went to. So it's Wednesday the 6th and we are sitting out in the desert at the Imperial Dam BLM LTVA area. We will be here until next week when we move north 60 to 70 miles to Quartzsite.

Our days here can be described in one word....SIMPLE. We get up when we want, we eat when we want, we go to bed when we are tired.
In the immortal words of Forest Gump... " When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. When I had to go, you know, I went."

Yesterday's highlights were finding a building that Italian POW's built during WWII, visiting a display at the Yuma Proving Grounds, checking out the Imperial Dam, and taking trash to the dumpster. Even Mollie dreams of bigger things. Of course Judy and Linda insist on breaking the law. It is a full time job just keeping them out of trouble.
But we are not bored. The little things take on greater importance. It reminds us of how busy our lives back in Michigan really are. For example here's a picture of our neighbors....no not Bob and Linda, these are our new neighbors.

Last night when the generator was on Judy ground some whole wheat flour for a baking project. We also tried to grind some flax seed. Doesn't work. I spent an hour taking apart the grinding head and cleaning it. Thursday we are getting out visiting some neighboring areas. We also need to head to Yuma to pick up some produce.

In closing..... Happy Birthday Linda and remember even though you are older than me you will always be younger than Bob!!!