Nov 12, 2010


We are tucked in for the evening just east of Albuquerque at a Passport America Park in Tijeras.  We really enjoyed Dead Horse State Park and hope to return next year. We still have lots to see and places to explore.   After using the dump station and hooking up the Explorer we were on the road by 8:40 this morning north to Flagstaff and then east on I-40.

We stopped in Winslow for some fuel and Judy mentioned she wanted to stop at the PEFO visitors center to get her passport book stamped.  As we drove in I noticed a Lazy Daze pulling a Honda Fit.  I recognized it as Andy Baird's rig.   Andy spends most of his time in New Mexico and has an interesting blog.  He also published a E-book which I had purchased a year ago.

While Judy fixed our lunch I took Mollie out for a walk.  I could see Andy inside his rig so I stopped and introduced myself. We had a nice visit.  He was heading towards Cottonwood where we just came from.   It's a small world out there.  You never know when you will run into someone you have met on the internet.

The rest of the day was spent just keeping the RV between the lines and heading east. Judy and I were very touched by all the kind comments, emails, and text message today.  Our email shows up on our phone so it was great to be able to read the comments while we were traveling down the road.  We are still getting used to the idea of having friends most of whom we have never met yet we share so much in common.  So again thank you!

Until later.

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Kate said...

I just found your blog, we love Tijeras, much better (and cheaper) than Albuquerque. If you have time, make the day trip to Tmkertown, it's quite close and a wonderful day trip