Jan 28, 2010


I know I've talked about our drinks of choice here in Mexico.  To be sure, Mexican beer and Margaritas on the rocks are excellent choices.  But we do drink other beverages as well.  One popular drink down here is called Jamaica, pronounced ha-MIKE-uh.  Bob and Linda raved about this tea before we arrived and  quickly introduced this excellent beverage to us.  It is best described as a herbal tea made from dried Hibiscus flowers.

At our local produce stand you can buy bags of these dried flowers.

First you steep the dried flowers in hot water,  dilute with cold water and sweeten to taste.  You can also add this mixture to green tea.

There are studies showing the health benefits of this herbal tea.  Among the reported benefits are lowering high blood pressure and reduced high cholesterol levels in many individuals.  I don't know if all these benefits have been proven but I do know it is a refreshing beverage.

Local restaurants serve it fancy in a margarita glass with a slice of orange.  

The local grocery store sells it in 10 litre bottles.  

With us a plastic cup will do just fine.

Until later. 

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