Jan 27, 2010


Today is our daughter Michelle's birthday.  Michelle we hope you have a wonderful birthday.  Thinking of you and the miracle that occurred in the great snowstorm of 1978.  Love you.

Michelle shares this birthday with two of my brothers, Neil and Mark.  So Happy Birthday to them as well.


michelle said...

thanks, mom and dad...i'm gonna miss hearing that story again this year. i'm thankful God placed me with you two. hope you're both having a beautiful day, too.

Mark and Diane said...

Thank you for the birthday wish. We have been enjoying your blog. It makes me realize how much alike John and Mark are. Enjoy the warm weather, it is freezing here.

Travelwithwhippets said...

I remember the blizzard well! We had to postpone our daughter's 2nd birthday dinner that year. In Central Indiana we still had snow drifts in April from that storm! At the time I was thankful we didn't have to drive to the maternity ward; sounds like you did!