Jan 31, 2007

Parade of the RV's

The site where our rv is parked is right in front of the entrance/exit road at Morro Dunes RV park and as you might guess, there is an almost constant parade of rv's and trailers coming and going throughout the day. Not that I'm complaining much since we have an awesome view of the ocean and the 'rock' , but it is much different from our larger, quiet site in Q.
The park isn't quite as full as it was over the weekend and from where our rv is parked we can now look over the fence and see the ocean waves coming on shore. The last couple of days have been partly cloudy with temps in the 50's. And not a flake of snow in the air!!
John is enjoying the workshop he's attending this week in nearby Los Osos about 7 miles south of here. There are 11 people in the class coming all the way from Pennsylvania on the East coast to Hawaii on the West coast. This morning the group went out on location to do some photography but since this is mostly a photoshop type of workshop , they spent Monday and Tuesday in the classroom. In fact, he came back last night with some very impressive looking prints that he had been working on.
Since I have a lot of time to myself during the day I've kept busy working on my knitting, beading, reading, cooking, basically doing whatever I want!! Yesterday I finished my first bracelet ,which I am proudly wearing, and made some progress on another one. It's a lot of fun and but am I ever thankful for beading needles with large eye holes!

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Julie said...

That blanket's looking good!!