Feb 6, 2013

Linda says bad things happen in 3's

If you read our blog you know that when our visit with Bob and Linda came to an end, one of our leveling jacks wouldn't come up. I of course blamed on bad Bob. Linda commented that bad things happen in 3's, but i ignored her because I'm not the superstitious type.

We traveled on to Rockport where on Friday we received a call from our bank. It seems that someone stole our credit card info so they were canceling our cards. Strike 2. Of course new cards couldn't be shipped out till Monday, so we changed plans and stayed put until the new cards arrived yesterday. No big deal, and the cards arrived when they said they would.

This morning we paid our bill and when I went to hook up the Explorer I noticed we had a problem. Somehow the electrical cable which goes to our toad was missing. I apparently didn't tuck it away under the hood and it fell on the ground and we ran over it, or something like that. A quick stop at Walmart for some wire and a plug and a few crimped connections in the pouring rain and we were ready to hookup. Strike 3.
Now where is that pin? Yes we were missing one of the connecting pins for our tow bar. I have never lost one in all our years of Rving, but this was the morning. Fortunately I do have a spare and after digging it out we were hooked up and on our way. Strike 4.

We are now safely parked for a few days in Huston at the Elks Lodge. Full hookups, concrete pad, and level. Maybe we should stay here until it's time to head back to Michigan. See Linda, bad things don't happen in 3's, they happen in 4's. Oh well life happens and you deal with it.

Until later

P.S And I didn't even mention how we had to unhook and turn the RV around on a 2 lane street without going in the ditch. After everything else today that seemed like no big deal.

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