Jan 31, 2013

Retama Village top 10 list

We are currently hanging out in a small rv park in Rockport TX. Yesterday I poked fun at "Bad Bob" so I wanted to follow up and talk about how much we enjoyed our stay there. The 10 days we were there went by much too quickly. I decided to sum it up by giving a David Letterman type top 10 list. So here goes.....counting down from number 10

10. Happy hour. Every evening around 5 we gathered for wine and a few snacks
9. The warm weather. 80 in January is great.
8. Shorts. When it's 80 you get to wear shorts and T shirts.
7. Getting to help with Bob and Linda's coach house. Brushed up on my electrical and plumbing skills.
6. Made some new friends. We got to know Roger and Diane better, and met Jim and Val from Canada
5. Bike riding. We finally made use of those bikes we've been carting around.
4. Open house. On Friday we attended their annual open house and got to see how everyone finished off their coach house.
3. Went to a wine tasting featuring Spanish wines.
2. Went on a boat cruise on the Rio Grande

And drum roll please.........
Number one on our list was just spending time with our good friends Bob and Linda.
Thank you for such a good time.

Until later

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Jim and Sandie said...

Your number one is definitely the best. Good friends and good times.