Feb 26, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Alafia State Park but on Friday we needed to return to Camping Connection in Kissimmee to have our second Norcold recall taken care of.  I have to say I am really disappointed with Norcold.  This isn't really a recall repair.  It"s simply adding a thermal fuse to hopefully shut off the system if a poorly designed weld fails. Apparently Norcold doesn't care if the weld fails, just that it doesn't burn your coach down.

Imagine if GE or Whirlpool built a residential refrigerator that was prone to catch on fire and burn houses down.  Imagine if their solution was to send you a special fuse box to plug your fridge in that would shut it off if the compressor got too hot.  I wonder how many of us would be happy with that solution.   No wonder we've been reading of so many people switching to all electric units.  Guess what brand refrigerator won't be in our next coach.

Camping Connection did their normal great job and I highly recommend them. We had them take care of a leaky water valve on our toilet as well. We were there just a little over an hour total for both repairs.

Since we had a reservation at Hillsborough River State Park on Sunday we decided to spend Friday and Saturday in the Orlando area before heading back towards Tampa.  We stayed at the Theme World RV Park at I-4 and Rt.27 in Davenport.  If you use the Passport America  50 % off discount you can get a back in site with full hookups and 50 amp service for $22.  It appears to cater mostly to the snow bird crowd but is not bad at all for the Orlando area, and it sure beats the $60 a night at the KOA right next door. Now, we didn't have quite as many palm trees, but it more than paid for our 'date' today.

After giving Mollie her morning walk, we headed over to Downtown Disney.  We wanted to go see the movie 'The King's Speech'.

We really enjoyed the movie and we wouldn't be surprised if it wins the best picture award at Sunday's Oscar's.

We then just enjoyed the warm afternoon sun until it was time for our dinner reservation at Wolfgang Puck's Cafe.

 Good food and good service but a bit overpriced, as everything is at Disney.  But we had a great time and ended the evening with a double Cuban coffee.

Where else can you get such a wide variety of food and drink in such a small area.

After wandering through a few more shops it was time to head back and let Mollie out for her evening stretch.

A family member complained that I didn't include any pictures of a strawberry shake on my recent "Parkesdale" post so in the interest of professional journalism we will head back there this next week to complete our research.  Such is the life of a serious blogger.

Until later.


I.M. Vayne said...

I's can see why's ya'll liked that Kings Speech movie so much. What with that stutter you got in yer writin' an all, ya'll can relate right good ter it.


Debbie, Duane, Bo, Laska and Bailey said...

It was so nice meeting you both at Alafia River. We love your blog and reading it encouraged us to go to Parksdale for strawberries the very next day! Glad your visit to the dealer went well. We completely agree about the Norcold "fix". Not acceptable at all. Hopefully our paths will cross again some day soon.

Gail Houle said...

Count us in with the Norcold-No-Longer group. Instead of having the 2nd recall done, we just replaced the Norcold with a Whirlpool. Best decision ever!

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Thanks for signing up as a follower on our blog. I agree with what you said about Norcold...we haven't had ours fixed yet and are considering replacing it with a household fridge like many have -- altho we really don't want or need to spend the money. Great pics on your blog.