Nov 9, 2010


There isn't much to report today.  We went on a walk this morning to explore the park a little more. Mollie loves going on walks but she doesn't like the desert very much. There are too many things that get stuck in her paws. This certainly is a beautiful setting and we can see why people enjoy coming here.

After breakfast we headed into town to do some errands, post office, drug store, wash the car, Home Depot, that sort of thing.  Since we are going to be here a few days, I placed an Amazon order.  The office said they would hold it if I brought them some goodies.  Might as well give them something fattening since I'm on a diet.

Speaking of  the diet.  No loss since Friday.  In fact I have stayed exactly the same.  I was kind of surprised, given the amount of exercise I've had lately.  I weigh myself each day and chart it on a graph.  There seems to be a pattern of dropping a few pounds, leveling off, or going up a pound and then dropping a few more pounds.  As long as the graph keeps heading down I'm happy.

We are going on the Verde Canyon Railroad tomorrow, so maybe I'll even have a few pictures to post. Meanwhile, there is a new picture posted almost every day over at my other blog, Camera Vagabond.

Until later.


Wayne and Maureen said...

I have the same results with our diet...
up and down it goes but feel better without all that processed food. See ya said...

We have the same problem when we walk Whiskey in the desert. She is always getting those sharp thorny things in her paws.

Good job with the diet. Keep at it and you will slowly see the difference. Better to take it off slowly.

Kevin and Ruth