Jul 7, 2010


The month of June went screaming by and what a month it was.

Our house was on the market for only 13 days when we received a full price cash offer. This was great, but the value of our house had gone down significantly in the last 2 years and we were not going to make any money on the sale. We just recently heard that home sales in Michigan were down in June so we feel very fortunate that we were able to sell when we did.

With closing set for June 29th we knew we had a busy month ahead of us. We contacted an estate service to handle the sale of all the stuff we wanted to get rid of.

We removed the few pieces of furniture and important items that had special meaning to us and put them into storage.Then we sat back and let the estate service handle the actual sale. We weren’t present during the sale, they didn’t recommend it, but we  heard that a lot of people showed up and bought stuff. By Saturday evening everything was either sold or removed, the house was almost empty, and the only thing in the garage was the motorcycle.

Wow, I guess this is really happening!!

Tuesday, closing day, arrived. We both half expected something to come along and delay the closing but, it too, went off without a hitch. Also that day we received a call from someone interested in looking at the motorcycle. We had it listed on Craig’s List for a couple of weeks without any bites and we did have someone put a low bid on it during the estate sale. He looked at it on Wednesday and bought it on the spot .

So we are now house-less, but not home-less. We think of our RV as our home. After all, we have been living in it full time for the past 8 months.  But I suppose now we are officially full-timers. We now have a South Dakota mailing address and when we arrive in SD next week, we will have SD license plates and drivers licenses.

We plan to get together with some of our family and friends again this week and then pull out of here on Monday.

There have been times in the last couple of weeks when we have wondered if we are doing the “right thing”, but what we do know is we are happiest when we are in our Rv out exploring.  We are very blessed to have business partners who are willing to help us live out our dream. 

We are both anxious to get on the road again, to explore this beautiful country, and continue the life of full-timers.  Today we saw a 5th wheel tow vehicle with the slogan “No where to be, all day to get there” . Sounds good to us.

Until later.









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Happytrails said...

Congratulations!!! So glad it is all over and you are "free" to explore all the places you have on your "to see" list. I am sure the past few weeks have been a blur but now you can sit back and relax and enjoy.

We are happy for you guys!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)