Jun 25, 2010

Harrison and Chihuly

Last Sunday we spent father's day at the house going through things and packing up.  We are discovering what many other full timers have learned.  A lot of what we own is just "stuff".  While we were packing, Jonathan and Laura dropped off Harrison for a few hours while they went to see a movie.

Of course Grandma would never turn down an opportunity to hold her newest grandchild. 

On Tuesday, two guys and a small truck arrived to help move a few special pieces of furniture and some boxes into storage.  They were fast, efficient, and careful and in less than 4 hours had everything re-situated in two different storage places. 

Wednesday morning the estate sale people arrived to price everything for the big weekend sale.  It was nice because they have a much better idea than we do of what things should sell for.  Besides it was time for a little diversion from all the condo selling craziness.

You may remember that when we were in the Detroit area a few weeks ago visiting our daughter Melissa and her family we also met a really nice couple, Randy and Pam Warner.  We had offered to show them around Grand Rapids if they wanted to make the drive over here.  Wednesday was the perfect day.  Although the day started out with thunderstorms, by the time they arrived we had sunny skies.  We met them at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens.  After enjoying the Chihuly glass exhibits, we wandered  through the sculpture gardens enjoying the art, the nice weather and good company.

It was soon time for lunch, so we headed to one of our favorite spots "The Electric Cheetah".  Although it was a little noisy, the food was good.

We then headed downtown to the Gerald Ford Presidental Museum.

It's always fun to see what is so familiar to you, through others eyes.  The day ended too quickly with Randy and Pam heading back to Haas Lake.  We are looking forward to the next time our paths cross.  If you would like to see more pictures of their visit, Randy has 2 blog entries with lots of pictures.   It was a needed break for Judy and me.

Last night we had a pre-sale at the house for friends and relatives and Judy and I were in charge of handling that.  Today the real sale started this morning at 9am.  At 8:15 there were already 12 cars lined up.  Fortunately today the experts ran the sale and they will again tomorrow.  By Monday evening everything will be gone and after our closing on Tuesday we will officially be homeless.  We met the new owners last night at the pre-sale and it made us feel good that they are really excited to get our place.  They seem to appreciate all the extra things we had done to the house and I'm sure they will take good care of it.

Until later.


Happytrails said...

I certainly don't envy you guys. It is a tough job getting everything sorted for selling, tossing and donating. Huge job.
Harrison is just adorable...I love the pic of Harrison and Judy!
Randy and Pam are a great couple!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

michelle said...

Sweet pictures, Mom...looks so much like Jonathan!