Mar 3, 2010


We made the 75 mile trip north yesterday with only minor problems.  Soon after we got on I-17 the refrigerator started beeping.  Judy got up to check it and it said low dc.  We were not in an area where it was easy to pull off, so she turned the refrigerator off.  After getting checked in at our new campground, it was time for John to play refrigerator repair man.  After checking all the obvious things and plugging to AC, it still insisted on beeping and giving us a low DC warning.   The manual was of course no help beyond saying to check the voltage and call for a repair man.  It was time to head outside and check connections.  At first glance everything looked ok.  Then I remembered that we had taken the coach in for a recall notice on the refrigerator and that they had added a new part.  Checking further I noticed the new part, which is a thermal overload safety switch.
You can see this part in the picture.  The small red round part between the wires is the thermal breaker.  I pushed on it and heard a click.  I put things back together and came back in and turned on the refrigerator and all was well.  I won't bore you with my theory on why this happened but I did save on a service call.

After getting our little camp set up, bird feeders out, and our new chairs from Cabela's set up, we turned to the challenge of finding a place to get Mollie groomed.  The internet sure is wonderful.  A five minute search turned up 3 places.  The first one we called could take her this morning, and we had a $5 off coupon as well. 

After dropping Mollie off, who wasn't happy being left, we headed downtown to have breakfast and do a little grocery shopping.  I also wanted to stop by and meet the photographer that I am doing a workshop with this weekend .  When I was doing a goggle map search for his gallery I noticed a bakery cafe next door to him.

We walked into the Pangaea bakery and the smell of fresh bread and coffee greeted us.
We shared an omelet and a Pain au Chocolat.

And no it wasn't a pain to eat it.  We fell in love with these during our boat trip in southern France last year.  While we were sitting there we could see the owner putting baguette dough into the oven. So naturally we enjoyed a very leisurely breakfast, and when we left it was with a fresh baguette right out of the oven.  And to Bob and Linda,  it really was as good as in France!!!

We picked up Mollie and headed back to the RV for an afternoon snack.  Fresh french bread with goat cheese and fig jam.  Life is good.

Until later.


Happytrails said...

Yum!!! I bet it was delicious!!!!

michelle said...

I would love to see some photos of your little outdoor set-up...with your chairs and bird-feeders, etc...nice photos of your meals, by the way, looks delicious.