Sep 9, 2009

Back Home in Indiana

We are back on our motor home. We are tired and unsettled , but wanted to publish a few pictures of the renovation thus far. With the exception of a few loose ends we are very happy. The sofa will not be here before we need to leave, so we will return in a few weeks to have it installed. I am sitting at the new desk writing this entry.

Tomorrow morning we are heading to Columbus, Ohio to an American Coach rally. Next week we will drop off the coach in Celina, Ohio to have a new tv dish installed, plus a few other wiring projects. We have a lot of little projects to finish up before we head west for the winter. Here are a few pictures of the project so far.

To sum up the changes so far:

All old carpet and tile removed, and replaced with a new tile.
Removed tv upfront and replaced with a cabinet with drawers.
New treads and tile in entry way.
Removed both sofas, replaced with one new one and new desk unit.
New Lcd tv will go next to desk on small cabinet.
New captains chairs up front, Judy's even has a foot rest.

1 comment:

michelle said...

mom and dad,
this looks so nice with just those few "simple" changes! how was the big rally? are you all rallied out?
i really like seeing your updates.
miss you,