Sep 14, 2009

Back in the Big Mitten

We left Bremen Thursday at 12:45 p.m. and dashed to the ACA rally in Columbus, Ohio. I think we were the last ones to park. Stan and Kathleen had saved us a spot for the evening meal. There were 145 American Coach motor homes at the rally. While I thought this was good, it was in fact one of the lowest attended in recent history.

On Friday, Judy and Kathleen went on an all day outing to the Longaberger Basket Company in Dresden Ohio. Yes they came back with baskets. John and Stan took the more frugal approach and went to Skyline Chili for lunch.

We also had appointments with Cruising America RV Services, and From Trees to These. The next round of renovations include a new satellite dish, some additional wiring inside, and some pull out pantries. We also need to return to Precision Painting to get our sofa, and complete some unfinished details.

This morning we left Columbus and headed to Celina, Ohio. We left the motorhome there at Cruising America and packed up the Explorer and headed home. We will be glad when we are finished with the renovation and can actually use our motorhome.

Stan and Kathleen also left this morning and headed north towards Ann Arbor on Route 23, with a quick stop at Cabella's. They then headed west on I-94 towards Kalamazoo. After leaving Celina we went towards Fort Wayne and then headed north on I-69 to pick I-94 as well. Surprise.... as we were merging on to I-94 who was next to us? Stan and Kathleen. I don't know what the odds are, of meeting like that, but I think we should have stopped at the new Indian Casino a couple miles down the road.

Tomorrow I head to Chicago for 2 days at a Graphics convention, tomorrow night Julie and Jeremy arrive. We haven't seen them since the wedding almost a year ago.

Today is Kathleen's birthday so we are going out to dinner with Stan and Kathleen and then back to the condo for dessert. Judy made a birthday carrot cake for Kathleen. No South Beach, No Weight Watchers, just real cream cheese!!!

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