Jan 10, 2013

15 miles

It has been raining a lot the last couple days but it didn't stop us from making a few day trips. Monday we went to Austin to the flagship Whole Foods store. I went to have coffee with a photographer who's blog I have followed for several years and Judy to shop. Both of us had a great time.

Tuesday we had lunch with a friend that we hadn't seen in over 30 years in Marble Falls. Facebook can be a wonderful tool to contact friends from the past.

We have had over 3 inches of rain in just a couple days. I have been concerned about a leak that we have not been able to fix in our roof. I have spent several hundred dollars having various "experts" trying to fix it. Before we left Michigan my buddy Stan took a try. After driving through snow, sleet and heavy rain I am happy to report we finally have a dry coach. Good work Stan, and I owe you big time.

Yesterday we made a pilgrimage to one of our favorite restaurants, Salt Lick BBQ. We came home with enough leftovers for another meal.

Today our week was up at the park we were staying at, and even though we are not quite ready to leave this area we decided to move. Between an unlevel site and very poor cell phone reception we decided to move. Not far, only 15 miles. Thanks Thom for the recommendation.

Until later

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Jim and Sandie said...

No leak!!! That is such a good thing. Especially with all the rain you guys are having. It's so fun to track down friends from long ago.