Feb 21, 2011

Quiet Times

On Sunday we headed west to Alafia River State Park southeast of Tampa.

We were once again reminded why we like state parks.  We have a quiet pull thru site with water and electric for only 22.00 a day. Built on the remains of an old Phosphate Mine, this park offers abundant biking and hiking trails but most of all it is quiet.  Far from the interstate, and hustle and bustle of Orlando.

Today we celebrated President's day by just hanging out.  Breakfast outside.

Mollie guarding the bird feeders.

A leisurely walk

Life is good.
Until later.


I.M. Vayne said...

I wouldn't git so excited about postin' pictures of yer gator eatin' guard dog, if'n I wus you. By the looks of that first picture she done took a bite out of the egg conglomeration you posted, gettin' away with about a quarter of it.

No wonder she was a sittin' there appearin' all mollified, just a looking at the birds. She was plumb full of yer food. But I'll say, you sure got a way with takin' pictures even if you ain't much good at dog watching.

Carol K said...

That looks like a fine state park campground, indeed. So many of the state parks around here are going up, up, up in price, so much that it's almost not worth going to them. And your breakfast looks mighty fine, too!

Gail Houle said...

We, too, enjoy the state parks and the COE parks the most. They offer everything we are looking for. Hope that they stay affordable.

michelle said...

Life is always good when you're wearing shorts and deck shoes in February! It all looks really nice and laid back.