Oct 22, 2010

Our RV Floats

Yesterday it time to say goodbye to Port Townsend and the Olympic Pennisula.  After enjoying a couple of beautiful sunny days on the water, we awoke to thick fog.  After morning coffee and a quick walk for Mollie, it was time to hook up the explorer and head to the ferry dock to get in line for the 12:45 ferry to Coupeville.
 We realized it had been almost 6 weeks since we actually towed the explorer.  The explorer has 4 wheel drive and an automatic transmission, and has a couple of steps to go through before towing.  First push the 4 wheel auto button, then put in in neutral, then turn the key to off, then press the brake pedal while pushing the 4 wheel drive button and wait for the indicator light to quit blinking and stay on.  Then check to make sure the brakes are activated by the SMI AirForce One system, then check the turn signals, and brake lights.  Then we were ready to tow.  Good thing I have a checklist

We had decided to take the ferry rather than drive all the way back down the Olympic Pennisula and back up thru busy Seattle.  The ferry cost 53 dollars for our 30 minute ride.  Considering we probably saved at least 3 hours and fuel which is 3.50 a gallon here, we thought it was worth it.

The ferry crew are experts at loading and we were soon on our way.  The crossing was smooth and it didn't take long to be back on dry land on Whidby island.

We then headed north through Oak Harbor and across the beautiful bridge at Deception Pass.  20 minutes later we were at our destination. We are at the Fidalgo Bay Resort which is owned by the Samish Indian Nation.  In  prime season this is an expensive park and we would probably not stay here.  But they lower the prices in the fall and also honor Passport America so it becomes a bargain. So we once again have a nice water view at a reasonable price.  Not as nice as Port Townsend but still a very pretty place. We are looking forward to getting out and exploring this end of the island.

Until later.


Carol K said...

Sorry, I meant to leave my second comment under your post today, not yesterday. Safe travels!

Along the Way with JnK said...

How cool is that...we are going to be up in that area once we get done with the pumpkin patch and might just look into going on a ferry with our rig.

Thank you for becoming a follower on our blog, look forward to reading about all of your adventures.

Prettypics123 said...

John and Judy, Thanks for wishing John and I a happy anniversary. I appreciate it! I love Port Townsend. We lived there for four years at Kala Point. We miss it. Your new spot looks great too.

Pepper McKean said...

The experience of a ferry ride is worth the cost. We took our van across Lake Michigan. It was cheaper in the long run to take the ferry but we did it for the thrill. Enjoy Washington it is a beautiful state!