Sep 29, 2010


It's been a quiet week.  We've had a lot of rain up here, and that tends to put a damper on outdoor activities.  So we keep ourselves busy with other tasks.

We  took the ferry over to Seattle last Friday, and did some shopping.  We stopped at the REI flagship store and we each bought a new pair of shoes and a couple pairs of socks. See I told you we have an exciting life. Then it was on to the camera store to pick up a replacement lens cap and then we had lunch at a local specialty gluten free bakery.  I don't like to write bad reviews so I won't go into details, but I don't think it will stay in business much longer.  Either that or our standards are very different from the locals.

We then headed north to Edmonds to stop at PCC, one of our favorite grocery chains in the Seattle area.  It's like a small Whole Foods.

We were only a mile away from the ferry, but since it was Friday there was a long line.  We took our place in a line of at least 50 cars.  And proceeded to inch ahead.  It kind of reminded me of being in a Chicago rush hour.  As we inched closer to the ticket booth we saw a car zoom around everyone and cut in line.  We couldn't believe what happened next.  As the driver approached the ticket booth, the driver who was cut off jumped out of her car and ran up to the booth.  After some pointing and gesturing, she returned to her car.  When the line cutter pulled up to the booth, it was apparent that she was being told to return to the end of the line.  After several obscene gestures, the driver realized she was not going to win any argument, and left.  As we pulled up to the booth, Judy noticed a sign saying to report anyone cutting in line.  They take line cutting very seriously out here.

On another note we paid for a month at the Evergreen Coho Escapees Park, which means we should be leaving tomorrow.  Well we are moving, but only about 100 yards over to a different site.  We are currently on a leaseholders lot and pay a monthly fee and our electricity.  Since we are only going to be here for 2 more weeks we are moving to an area reserved for daily and weekly rentals.  The fee is higher but includes electric. 

Judy has been fighting some stomach issues since last winter.  When we were back in Michigan, she visited our primary care doctor and he prescribed the normal medicines ( the expensive purple stuff you see on TV ads), and said to try that for a while and if it didn't get better they would run some tests.  Don't you love modern medicine.  The problem has not gotten better, and we decided to see a doctor here in Port Townsend.  This doctor took an entirely different approach, including running some tests for food allergies.

So we are here waiting for the results.  We will be here another 2 weeks before we can hit the road again.  Meanwhile, Judy is to avoid coffee, foods containing gluten, and dairy products. Judy loves her coffee so giving that up has been especially hard.  So you might ask, what can she eat.  Simple whole foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken.   So we are eating very simple foods right now and not eating out much.

We are both getting a bit of hitch itch.  We still hope to spend some time in central California before heading SE.  We want to spend a few more days with family in Portland, so I think we'll throw the AeroBeds in the back of the car and go and camp out in Portland this weekend.  Then when we finish up with appointments we'll be ready to hit the road.

On a closing note I read a really funny blog entry from another full-timer.  It's entitled "Whats in a name?"  Go take a look. It will put a smile on your face.

Until later


Darrell and Judy Patterson said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. It is always nice to meet new folks and especially those that we would have a good chance of meeting up with in the future. We'll have to keep track of each others travels and try to connect if we are both in Michigan at the same time. We'll be here at least once a year since our son, Judy's sister, and her brother all live in Michigan. In the meantime, we hope that you continue to have safe travels. We'll keep Judy in our prayers in hopes of a fast recovery.

Wayne and Maureen said...

What's so great about these blogs is the ability to follow others who are doing what you are planning to do! Will use your experiences to guide us when we start full timing in 2011. Have fun