Sep 9, 2010


Sometimes when your home is mobile it's easy to forget where you are at.  You might be in an established RV resort like we are now.  Or, like this last weekend, you could be in a rustic tree covered campground.  So we are coming to learn that "home" is wherever we make it. 

Our daughter Michelle and family joined us for Labor Day weekend.  The park we are staying at in Chimacum doesn't allow tents. So we moved down the road 10 miles to a rustic campground where we could all be together, complete with campfire and smores.  We spent 3 days just messing around.  We took the ferry to Edmonds, went to Hurricane Ridge, and visited Port Townsend where we enjoyed a hot dog while being entertained by a trombone player.

But there comes a time when you need a little more refinement.  So it was off to Port Gamble to the Tea Room for afternoon tea.  Of course the ladies got to pick out a hat to wear, and we all got to pick our favorite tea. 

So we finished the afternoon with finger sandwiches, scones, and some wonderful tea.   Once again proving why we enjoy this lifestyle so much.

Until later.

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michelle said...

We all had a lovely time...a wonderful way to say goodbye to summer!