Aug 25, 2010

Relaxing in Nehalem

After our VooDoo Donut breakfast, and feeling slightly guilty about it, we decided we should get back to eating lower carb. This morning it was this

with coffee from here

in a cup from here.

The campground at Nehalem Bay State Park has 265 sites with water and electric.  We don't have sewer hookups. But this
     is only a few steps away from us.  Dumping our dish water in here will help us keep the holding tanks from filling up before we leave on Sunday.

They also have some nice Yurts you can rent complete with bunk beds.

The beach is just a short distance away from us. In fact we can hear the surf from inside the RV. On our walk through the campground loops we took the sandy beach access trail

and walked up the dunes and down to the beach

and then we saw this   

The campground is mostly full this week . There are lots of families with tents and tent campers and lots of kids riding bikes and scooters.

We are tucked into our site with trees around us which gives us a sense of privacy. We like it here.

Until later.


Melissa said...

Well I have several thoughts. First of all, that beach reminds me of Tunnel Park in Holland. So pretty! Second, I think we ought to plan a Randall family get-together out there in the next couple of years. We could all rent yurts and you could have your RV as the gathering place. It would be fun to do a week there and a week in the mountains.

And I'm completely jealous of that breakfast. Especially the coffee.

Happytrails said...

Yummy looking breakfast!!
Looks like a great place to park and enjoy!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)