Aug 23, 2010

A little VOODOO In Portland

We have been in Portland for the last two weeks.  We have busy catching up with our daughters and their families.  We really haven't done anything that exciting, but have enjoyed just being here and making a few memories.  Here's a sampling of the things we did.

1.   We took Nemo and Mia to the mall and made Teddy Bears at "Build a Bear".
2.   We took a tour of  Bob's Red Mill and then had lunch at the company store.
3.   Julie and Jeremy took us to dinner at a wonderful down south restaurant named Miss Delta.
4.   Nemo and Mia spent the night with us on the RV and we watched "UP".
5.   We went on a picnic with Michelle, Julie, Nemo and Mia.
6.   We went to church with Michelle, Ian and kids and had breakfast in the parking lot of their church
7.   We went on a hike and picnic with Michelle and family.
8.   Michelle put on a wonderful dinner for all of us and some of their friends. 
9.   We helped Julie with a photo shoot in the park.
10.  We ate Gelato 3 times.
11.  We both got haircuts and I got rid of my mountain man beard.
12.  And last but not least we stood in line to get bacon maple doughnuts from VOODOO Donuts.

Tonight we are at Nehalem Bay State Park on the Oregon Coast.

Until later.

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michelle said...

What a great synopsis of your last two may have forgotten to mention the very professional tae kwon do help you offered your grandson...he is definitely more prepared now for sudden pot shots to the back of his head :)

Also really like the list format of your various activities...simple yet very effective when combined with lots of great photos...we really have enjoyed the first part of your visit. See you at the coast!