May 27, 2010


Harrison's arrival was of course the highlight of last week.  We made a couple of trips to the hospital to hold Harrison and watch our son learn the art of diaper changing.

Sunday it was time to move further east.  We wanted to visit our two grandchildren who live on the east side of the state and John was going to attend a Photoshop workshop on Monday.  Our daughter Melissa lives in St. Clair Shores with her husband Todd and two daughters Emma and Ella.   The closest campground is in New Hudson, a western suburb of Detroit, about a 40 minute drive to their house.

Melissa was to chaperon Emma on a class field trip on Tuesday so we had Ella spend Monday night with us.  Normally Mollie sleeps on our bed, but when we made up the couch for Ella, Mollie curled up at her feet and settled in.  I think she thought Ella would get lonely, or needed protecting. 

One of the benefits of our modern "connected" society is that we learn about other "full-timers" through their blogs.  For example right now our friends Bob and Linda from Sacramento, who we met 3 years ago as a result of Bob's blog , are on their way to Alaska.  Although Linda does more of the blogging now we get to stay in touch as their journey unfolds.

We have been following another couple's blog, Pam and Randy Warner.  Sounds like we are stalkers, but we really aren't.  They have been full-timers for about a year and live in a beautiful Allegro Bus.  A couple of months ago we noticed that they were headed towards Michigan.  Like us they have family in the Detroit area.  They also have a daughter who graduated from the same college as one of our daughters.  And yes they are in the same RV Park as we are.  So yesterday we invited them over for coffee.  Because of our unusually warm weather we settled for something cold to drink instead.  They couldn't stay long, because of previous commitments, but we continued getting to know them at their RV last night.  I must say that one of highlights of traveling is getting to know other people.  We are not big group, big party type people, but do enjoy getting to know other people in smaller settings.

We had a great time sharing info about our RV"s and this lifestyle.  And best of all, just enjoying their company.  We look forward to our paths crossing again.

We are spending the rest of the week here.  Emma and Ella will spend Friday night with us, giving Melissa and Todd a night out and then they will join us on Saturday for a cookout.  We plan to head back to Grand Rapids on Monday, first stopping in Jackson to visit John's mom.  Next week John travels to Indianapolis for 3 days of business meetings, Judy gets to visit with Harrison, and then we start packing up to head NW towards Portland.  So I guess we'll be blogging more often as we head out on the open road again.


Happytrails said...

Harrison is just precious! I can't wait until my son makes me a grandmother but I have a long way to go. Until then I just have my grand-dog!:)
It is great to meet folks as we travel along.:) Randy and Pam are super! I know you enjoyed meeting them.

Safe travels!
Mike & Gerri

Ali Workentin said...

Hi John & Judy

Popped over from WarnerRVNews.

What a cutie pie you have there in Harrison. I love his hair ;)

So glad you made it there for his arrival.

michelle said...

You are some lucky grandparents that you get to combine all of that awesome traveling and memory making w/grandchildren...they won't forget it! Well, Harrison will right now, but later on...