Jan 21, 2010


Today is a very special day.  Yesterday we said good bye to Quartzsite, and we are currently at Gila Bend for a couple of days getting ready for Mexico.  But I digress.... as I was saying.

Today is my wife Judy's birthday.  Happy Birthday Dearest.  The most important person in my life.
She is mother to our 4 children, Grandma to our 4 soon to be 5 grandchildren and my best friend.  She can dress up with the best of them but is a blue jeans girl at heart.

10 years ago for our 25th anniversary we went on a Rick Steves tour to Europe.  On the final night we had a farewell dinner and our guides had titles and awards for each of us.  Judy was labeled as "Mona Lisa"  because of her quiet smile and the fact that you are never quite sure what she's thinking.  I think that is an accurate description.  I am in love with my own "Mona Lisa".



michelle said...

happy, happy day to you, Mom.

love you.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday! I showed the pics to the girls, and Ella said, "Look! Grandma's petting a goat!" Oh boy. Guess I need to teach her her farm animals. :)