Jan 14, 2010


When you dry camp in the desert as we have been doing since the first of the year you eventually run into a problem. No matter how frugal with your water, sooner or later your water tank becomes empty and your waste tanks become full. This is a fact of life and you must deal with it. Judy looked forward to Dump Day. This meant that she could take a shower instead of sponge baths. I think secretly she was also looking forward to hubby taking a shower too.

Tuesday was dump day. We packed up all of our stuff and drove over to the dump station, no you do not just empty your tanks on the ground, and as I pulled up to dump the tanks Judy hopped in the shower. I came inside to take my shower and of course ran out of water midway through. I managed to get enough water to rinse myself off and we moved to our next spot which was refilling the water tank with safe to drink water.

We then followed Bob and Linda north 60 miles to Quartzsite. While they were checking out sites we went on into town to top off our propane and diesel. After setting up we headed back into town to do laundry. Even though we have a washer, dryer, we don't use it while dry camping. With the right tanks full, and the bad tanks empty and clean clothes we are now ready for our 9 days at Q. I will close this with a sunset, since you really don't want to look at Dump Stations....do you?

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Happytrails said...

Much nicer picture than a dump station!!

Have fun in Q!!