Dec 20, 2009

Messing around in the Southwest

I know, I know ... I haven't been very good at posting lately. I may have hit my head sledddding, or something. But seriously we have been having fun!

When we left Alamogordo we followed this RV all the way down to Columbus, New Mexico. On our way there we stopped at the White Sands Missile Range Museum.

We spent a few hours viewing this great exhibit before moving on down the road.

We stayed 3 nights at the Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus and walked across the border into Mexico twice to have lunch and do a little shopping at the Pink Store.

We then moved on to the funky, artsy town of Bisbee ,AZ.

We took the back roads there and on the way had to avoid an airplane. I know, it sounds crazy but we came up over a hill and there was an oversized truck headed towards us.

He had one third of an airliner on his trailer. We quickly pulled over and soon the rest of the plane followed on two more trucks. You never know what you will find out in the desert.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and we were soon hooked up at the Queen Mine RV Park in Bisbee. This was our third visit here and we never grow tired of it. If I come up missing some day you might want to check for me in Bisbee.

We spent 3 nights at the Park which is situated up on a hill right next to the huge Queen Mine Lavender Pit. We enjoyed walking around and exploring this interesting town. Of course no visit would be complete without lunch at the Cafe Cornucopia and a stop at Seth's Bisbee Roasters.

We then moved on up the road to the Saguaro SKP Co-Op park in Benson. We are members of Escapees but have never stayed at this park. This is a very nice co-op park where you can buy your site.
The waiting list to purchase a site ( the 'Hot List') , has about 450 names on it and it can take 4-5 years to get to the top of the list. Some members have also built very nice casitas on their sites. Judy and Linda enjoyed the flexercise and beading classes. There are a lot of scheduled activities and we really enjoyed our stay there.

We are now in the Phoenix area getting ready to fly out early tomorrow morning to spend Christmas with family in Portland.
We will spend a week there before flying back to Arizona and meeting up with Bob and Linda again.

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Have a very Merry Christmas!!!