Nov 4, 2009

Next Stop Evansville

We have spent the last three days in and around and beyond Bremen, Indiana just hanging out while the last few details of the RV remodel were completed and the two new basement doors were painted. Since we couldn't be on the RV while they were working on it, we were challenged to find things to do each day to occupy our time.

Monday we found a few stores in nearby Elkhart and Michawaka to visit. We hung out in Barnes and Noble for awhile and used a gift card we had at Olive Garden for a soup and salad lunch.

Yesterday morning we drove back up to Michigan to visit with John's mom in Jackson and then over to Ann Arbor to meet up with Melissa and grand daughters Emma and Ella. Ella is going to be 4yrs old next week and she got to go to ToysRUs to pick out her birthday present. It was a long day of driving but we had a great time visiting family.

The motor home was parked inside the working garage last night to protect the new paint. They told us they would leave a door unlocked so we could get in after our return from Michigan. It didn't take long after getting inside to realize that it was going to be difficult sleeping with all the solvent and paint fumes. So we packed up a few necessary items, got back in the car, and found a very basic, but cheap, motel in nearby Nappanee that would take dogs and spent the night there.

This morning we were told that all the work would definitely be finished today not Friday like we had originally thought. This was great news. This is a nice enough area, but we were beginning to wonder how we were going to occupy ourselves for another day.

Tomorrow morning we will drive down to Evansville where the new braking system will be installed on Friday. This system activates the toad's brakes whenever the motor home's brakes are used (in RV terms, the vehicle you tow is referred to as the toad). The explorer is heavier than our other toad (jeep) and we don't want to overtax the RV's brakes on mountain passes out west.

We are scheduled to be in McKinney, Texas on the 16th for new window shades but we are hoping to move that up a week. We should know tomorrow.

The work is finally done, we are very happy with it, and we are very excited to be moving on down the road tomorrow. We'll post some pictures in a couple of days.

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