Nov 21, 2009


After almost 2 weeks parked in MCD's parking lot, the shades are complete and we are very happy with the results. The final work was completed shortly after 6pm Friday night and by 9:15 Saturday morning we were pulling out of their lot for the last time. This is what it looked like before we started.

All the window shades along the side of the motor home were installed on Tuesday.

A crew arrived around 8am and began taking out the old and putting up the new. The MCD team is efficient and before long all the side shades were up.

All Finished!!

There are two parts to the shade system. The black shade provides privacy during the day. We can see outside but unless we have lights on inside, it is almost impossible for people to see inside our coach. The lighter shade provides complete privacy at night.

The front window proved to be a real challenge for the MCD team. It wasn't easy retrofitting our older, curved, 2 piece windshield but after some trial and error the team came through.

Saturday morning we drove a short distance over to Arlington where we found a nice Passport America park to stay in for two nights. We plan to go to the Fort Worth Stockyards and a couple of art museums. We also need to do a little bit of grocery shopping before we head down towards SW Texas.


Happytrails said...

Your shades look great!!! I know it took awhile but it is worth it to get them in and fitted correctly. Did I see pulls on the white shades? We didn't get that.
We just love ours and it has made a huge difference in our coach. I also like how you all did your TV and computer table. Our TV is updated to the flat screen but it is up front(above dash) and when I sit on the sofa I get a crick in my neck. It is so much better the way you all have yours. Maybe one day we can change that up also.
Take care and continue to enjoy yourselves in Texas.

michelle said...

Wow...the place looks like a nice little home! I love that you included the rug from home. It's a good fit. Looks like Molly's right at home, too. Now, on to relaxing.