Aug 2, 2009

A weekend in Amish country

Saturday morning after breakfast, we hitched up the jeep and headed south to Indiana. We have not been on the road with the RV in almost 10 months. We were headed to Bremen Indiana to an appointment Monday morning at Precision Paint. We are having the flooring replaced and possibly a desk built.

We came early so that we could relax and go to the 47th annual Arts and Crafts Festival at Amish Acres. Saturday afternoon was rainy but we did decide to go to Amish Acres for dinner. They feature a family style country dinner. Sorry, but we cannot recommend this place. Bland food, poor service, and overpriced.

Today we went to the art fair. We last attended this fair over 10 years ago. At that time it was considered a high end event. It is billed as having over 350 juried artists from around the country. We paid our 7.00 each for the privilege of walking up and down endless aisles of what I call TNT (trinkets and trash). I think the term "juried" means if your check clears you can have a spot. The art fair has turned into countless booths selling dry soup, dip mixes, and really bad yard art. After Judy turned down my generous offer to buy her new ear rings made from bottle caps, I knew it was time to leave.

We are staying at the Pla-Mor campground, which in Indiana means "Pay 32 dollars to park in the grass 10 feet from your neighbor next to the corn field, behind the train tracks." If any of you want to visit us this afternoon, it will only cost you 2 dollars a person to get in.

Still all in all we are glad to be back on the RV, having a good time, just relaxing.

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michelle said...

wow...what a bust! hope things turn out well with the RV, though!