Feb 1, 2009

A Walk To The Park

The sun was shining and temps were in the 30's this afternoon, so after Church and brunch, Molly and I took a walk over to the park.

Actually Molly doesn't care what the weather is like, she is always ready to go for a walk.

We don't live very far from the park and we walk over there almost every day. Molly knows the routine very well by now. The park pictures are from a few days ago.

The sidewalk we take to the park gets very snowy (and dirty) this time of year. Salty slush from the road gets thrown up on the sidewalk by the passing cars.

During the winter, cars aren't able to drive back into the park. The road is accessable to park employees only. Cars really aren't supposed to park in front of the gate either.

Snowy picnic tables.

Playground equipment sits idle this time of year.

This is one of the trails off of the main road.

A bridge over the creek.

Molly left her bag in the garbage can too.

After our walk we leave the park and head back up the sidewalk to go home.

Back at home, Molly is busy getting rid of those pesky snowballs that collect on her fur.

What a beautiful sunset we had tonight.

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michelle said...

So nice to see some updates from you two...inspiring me to do the same. The verse at the top should be my daily mantra...