Feb 10, 2009

Mid Winter Thaw

What a difference a few degrees makes. With the temperature getting into the upper 50's the last few days, a lot of the snow has melted. This morning when Molly and I stepped outside to go for our walk in the park we couldn't believe how warm it was.
It smelled like spring!
We even had a fly buzzing around in the house. (Yuk)

Just a few days ago, this sidewalk was covered with hard packed snow.

Not today.

A couple of weeks ago Molly had to share 'her deck' with all this snow.

Not today.

Today, Molly was out on the deck doing what she loves to do.
Surveying the yard and keeping the squirrels away.

We know this mild weather won't last for long, and we sure have enjoyed it while it was here. Ah Spring, only 6 weeks away.

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