Mar 24, 2008

On to Bisbee

We brought Mollie home from the pet clinic on Saturday and she is slowly becoming herself again. She is on antibiotics, pain meds and has to eat a bland diet of white rice and chicken for a couple more days. Her belly, left side, and part of her front legs were shaved for surgery and she looks like she just had a cheap haircut by a crazed groomer. Judy can't wait to fix it.

We came within yards of the Mexican border this morning as we made our way from Amado to Bisbee. In our quest to avoid the expressway we headed south to Nogales and then up to Patagonia, through Sierra Vista and 2 1/2 hours later we arrived at the Queen Mine RV Park.

This is our second visit to Bisbee but it's the first time we have stayed at this rv park. It's located up on a hill overlooking downtown and is an easy walk to the shops and galleries. We are really enjoying the view.

We walked into town this afternoon and made a quick stop at our favorite coffee shop, Old Bisbee Roasters. We got to say hi to the owner Seth, and bought a few pounds of fresh roasted coffee. We also visited one of the few open galleries. Most are closed on Monday, so we'll hit them tomorrow.

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