Jan 27, 2008

MayBe Gourmet

We spent a few days in the Napa Valley area and of course visited a few wineries.  We like finding the small ones that don't have distributors back east.  Last year we found Andretti winery and joined their club.  This year we found Turnbull winery.  To top it off the owner is an avid photography collector.  They have 2 tasting rooms which are also galleries.  One had a large Ansel Adams collection, and the other, several contemporary landscape artists.  
This is what you think of when you think Napa Valley.  Wineries, little bistros, fancy little designer shops and of course the Napa Wine Train.


We however discovered a wonderful little place for lunch this time that probably wouldn't make any gourmet list.  About half way up the valley is the little town of Saint Helena.  On the south end of town is a little drive-in.  The kind of place that almost all small towns had at one time.  The name of this drive in was and is still Taylors Automatic Refresher.

 Taylors  has withstood the test of time and is thriving.  Of course it serves the old standbys like burgers , fries and shakes.  But how many drive ins do you know that serve sweet potato fries dusted in chili spice?  How about fish tacos and an Ahi Tuna burger.  And for Julie they even have a Garden Burger.  And if your thirst isn't quenched by a real cherry coke, or a hand made milk shake, you also have your choice of several Micro brews and even a glass, or bottle of local wine.  

On the day Judy and I were there, the lines were long but service was prompt.  Judy had the fish tacos  which were grilled Mahi Mahi in corn tortillas with slaw, salsa and jalapeno-cilantro sour cream.  I went for the Ahi Tuna burger.  It was a 6 ounce fillet of sushi grade Ahi tuna seared rare (the proper way to fix tuna), cover with ginger wasabi mayo and asian slaw and served on a toasted egg bun.  

If you would like to read more about this place, go to www.taylorsrefresher.com   You can read about the many awards they have won as well as view their menu.  
Bon Appetit


Melissa said...

Don't forget the main thing that you enjoy finding that we don't have back east...sunshine. Do they have a club for that, because I'd like to join right about now.

michelle said...

The world needs more places like Taylors...fewer like McCorporate Burger...